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Tips for Working With Contractors

General Contractors are important resources to have when taking on residential projects that require a certain degree of size and scope. Finding and collaborating with general contractors can make your life much easier. Often times townships require permits for certain projects and may require inspections throughout the process. Having a contractor that is aware of the local codes and building policies will make your home improvement experience easier but also improve the product you end up with. Having a contractor that is not aware of the proper build processes or has a bad history of poor quality of work, can turn into a horror story for you or your family. Consider the following when working with contractors so your projects run a little smoother.

Make sure the contractor your working with is licensed. If your contact for your next project is not licensed, we highly recommend finding someone who is. This lets you know that the person you’re trusting into your home is experience and qualified to complete the work required safely and according to code. This will create a lot less hassle later on and reduce the chances that you run into problems. The last thing you want is to be forced to find a new contractor to complete someone else’s work. This will cost you more money but the end product will be less likely to meet your satisfaction. Meticulous Modernizations is a licensed general contractor in the York County area but we also do work in neighboring areas as well. Give us a call if you are struggling with your contractor.

When you get multiple bids make sure you're comparing a similar end product. It is always a good idea to get multiple bids to compare prices so you know the contractor you’re working with is competitive. If you are getting multiple bids on a project, make sure the finishes and the quality of the product is comparable. One bid may be higher than the other but the value you receive from the higher bid may be giving you a better end product.

Cheaper isn't always better. Don't undervalue product quality and someone that will avoid cutting corners. Some contractors may be offering a better price but not only is the quality of material a differentiating factor but the skill of the contractor and his team will help make a big difference as well. How long has this company been in business? How long have you been working in the industry? How many project like this have you done before? These are all questions you will want answers to in order to determine if you’re working with a qualified contractor. Meticulous Modernizations has been in business for 20+ years and their labor force has 30+ years of experience in the residential construction industry. We have completed a large volume of projects in the York County area that includes kitchens, bathrooms, additions, basement renovations, patios and decks, windows and doors, etc.

Come prepared with a design in mind and a budget that matches that design. Often times the if you are asking for an estimate, there may be many ways to price a project based on different materials and the time it takes to install them. Having a vision for the project and an idea of the types of materials you want to use can go a long way in helping determine an estimate. Meticulous Modernizations can help with design and the latest trends in the real estate market but make sure your design and taste for material aligns with your budget as well. If a low price is important to you, using lower grade materials will help you stay within your budget. If price is less important, we can have some fun and be creative when designing your next project so we can bring your vision to fruition.

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